GeED came into existence on August 1996 as (Global Education and Environment Development) and was eventually legalized as a service organization in 2001. During a general assembly in 2008, the organization was changed to Gender Empowerment and Development (GeED) with the intent to empower women and youths. GeED's overall goal of mainstreaming gender equality and women's rights into all activities implies that our projects are proactive regarding equality between women and men, girls and boys, in all areas of its mandate, according to the international commitments made.

GeED supports community groups run by and for women
GeED endeavours to secure resources to support our women’s work on gender and women’s rights, including training programmes and public campaign work as well as network to strengthen our work on women’s empowerment.
Through a family role model programme, GeED brings women to talk about their problems and seek alternative solutions and ways of combating them
Our Mission:
As men and women of diverse ethnic and geographical backgrounds our work is to commit to gender equality, working with
women who are victims of gender-based violence, marginalization, poverty etc. We share the value that the leadership of women
and development of their status is beneficial to them, their families, their communities and the country. GeED’s work attempts to
address some of the problems faced by women in all the regions of Cameroon in every area: Education, health, economic
empowerment, decision making through women’s economic, social, cultural and political rights. We fortify their capacities to
become self-dependent enabling them to participate entirely in the development process of their communities and the nation.  Our
support therefore is towards the expansion of women’s rights and opportunities by working more with women and men and most
especially working with women for women.
Our work is in diverse sectors and we carryon to create and expand opportunities for women and youths in their regions and
communities. Capacity building and advocacy are integral part of our programs. GeED targets in communities are particularly
women, being congnisant of their role in the Cameroonian society. GeED exist to facilitate self generated and sustaining processes of
improved well-being of women and Youths through awareness creation, training, education and support.
The target group for GeED projects are:
Community  women’s group
Church women’s’ groups
Youth groups
Men’s groups
School clubs
GeED is working to develop the capacities required for equitable and participatory development towards the attainment of the
MDGs. From 2006 GeED works to build the capacities of women to claim their rights and also actively participate in the
development of their local communities through participating in governance processes. Through a family role model programme
carried out by GeED in 2009, we found out that it is not enough to talk about women’s problems only to women. This prompted
GeED to start working also with men through a group called Men against violence on Women. This activity is intended for Christian
Men fellowships, Baptist Men’s Unions and other men’s groups within the project areas.
Our overall goal is promoting gender equality and empowering women and youths who are the main force of social change and development. We also aim to:
GeED sees the sustainable development of communities
through the positive behavioral change and the
communities’ own self determination. We strive to build
a world where empowered women and youth can
liberally exercise their rights for a just and equal society.
GeED’s vision envisages that every woman’s role is
pivotal in the development process not withstanding self-
advancement of skills and potentials for positive change.
Reinforce women’s leadership capacities to effectively and efficiently participate in the development process;
Advocate and lobby to support frame works and policies to promote the advancement of women.
Increase sensitization awareness of women’s rights in the economic, social, political and cultural spheres.
Foster research on issues of emerging Violence Against women.
Promote the collaboration and cooperation to build good partnerships to strengthen the fight for women’s rights and gender equality.
OUR Approach

GeED’S approach is participatory based on a human rights/gender knowledge base, seeking to involve everyone who is critical in changing the current situation of women and girls. GeED continues to strive towards contributing to build a world where empowered women and youth can liberally exercise their rights for a just and equal society. GeED’s vision envisages that every woman’s and girl’s role is pivotal in all the processes including their self-advancement of skills and potentials for positive change.
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